Aiken neighborhood reacts to drug bust

Aiken neighborhood reacts to drug bust

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - Mary Bruce has lived on Plunkett Avenue in Aiken for five years, and says she's afraid knowing crime is so close to her house.

"It feels scary because you never know when it may come to your street," she says.

Plunkett Avenue is walking distance from Pinecrest Avenue, where yesterday three people were arrested for drug and firearm possession.

Mary says people in her neighborhood try to avoid that area.

"Well I don't go that way because I'm nervous about that side," says Mary.

Several neighbors spoke to us and said Pinecrest has always been a problem area, and that they're glad the arrests were made yesterday.

But police are still searching for one suspect.

In a statement issued earlier today, Staff Sergeant Jason Feemster said  "The Aiken County Sheriff's Office is still looking for Byron James Miller. We are asking the community to help local law enforcement in locating him and if they know of his whereabouts to contact local authorities."

Mary feels this type of problem can be prevented if the neighborhood saw more help from police.

"We need more police protection in our neighborhood. I would feel more safe if the police would travel more through here," she says.

She says a neighborhood watch is expected to start soon, but it's time for the community to stop living in fear.

"It's time that we should be safe in our homes and not have to worry about that," Mary says.

If you have any information on Byron Miller's whereabouts please call the Aiken police at (803) 642-1761.

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