Augusta holds debris removal contractor workshop

Augusta holds debris removal contractor workshop

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Augusta traffic engineer Steve Cassell has been turned into the ringleader of the city's massive operation: getting ice storm debris cleaned up before March is over.

Cassell said the city has signed a contract with AshBritt Environmental, who will need a lot of sub-contractors to take care of the damage.

"30 days for a company like this is a reasonable timeline," said Cassell. "And they've agreed to meet it. Will that mean they will get every twig, no, but the majority of stuff will be gone in 10 to 15 days."

AshBritt has handled some pretty big tasks before. The company helped clean up efforts after Hurricane Sandy and even Hurricane Katrina. But this natural disaster has proven tough for Augusta's city leaders.

"This is obviously the largest thing we've had disaster wise," said Cassell. "You know we're dealing with upwards of 300,000 thousand cubic yards of debris. We can't handle that as a local government."

And the big question on everyone's minds: will all of the destruction be cleaned up in time for Masters week?

"We think we've got a great path forward to do that in less than 30 days...and we're going with it," said Cassell.

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