Young girl battles rare genetic disease

Young girl battles rare genetic disease

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WFXG) - Twins Madison and Mackenzie Braddock will turn two next week, and even though the girls are twins, they're different in a major way explains their mother Victoria Prater.

"Madison was a week old, we got a phone call saying that her newborn screening came in as abnormal where Mackenzie's was normal," she says.

After another week and more blood tests, Madison was diagnosed with Glutaric Acidemia Type One, a disease only one in 40,000 kids get.

Madison's body can't break down meat or protein, but her parents are thankful she was diagnosed early.

"Had it not been caught in the newborn screening, Madison would have had brain damage, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, she would have never been able to talk or even ultimately make it to her first birthday," says Prater.

Madison eats on a strict diet of formula instead of diary and all her food is measured on a scale.
Even after hearing the results of the initial tests, her family knows she'll be okay and she has the support of her twin sister.

"She's okay, she's gonna be okay, and she's in good hands, she's gonna be well taken care of, they're gonna hold our hands and walk us through this whole process," says the twin's father David Braddock.

"Madison will go up there for her whole life. They want Mackenzie included on that so Mackenzie will have Madison's back when she needs it." says Prater.

And the thing they urge parents the most is to get the newborn screening.

"To make sure their state does have the newborn screening, and if they don't find out if a newborn screening is possible even though they don't perform that in that state," says Braddock.

"Just make sure you follow up with it, make sure that the pediatrician and you are on the same page and everything. More than likely somebody you know will end up with some kind of rare disorder just because there are so many out there," Prater says.

And even though she is battling a disease, Madison is still the active happy two year old her twin sister is.

To support Madison on her journey visit her Facebook page here.