Richmond Co. elections qualifier begins next week

Richmond Co. elections qualifier begins next week

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Just a few months left until city elections and if you want to put yourself on the ballot, you have just one week to qualify.

"It's a simple process, assuming someone meets all the qualifications," said Lynn Bailey, the Executive Director for Richmond County Board of Elections.

Beginning next week, any Richmond County resident can put in a bid to run for a variety of offices.

"Anyone desiring to qualify for any level of office, anywhere in the state of Georgia, qualifies during that time, by going to the appropriate elections superintendent," Bailey said. "Here locally, that would be the Richmond County Board of Elections Office."

That qualifying period ends at noon on Fri., Mar. 7, shorter than it has been in years past.

"Georgia's calendar for primaries was moved back from the middle of July back to the middle of May," said Bailey. "It also, at the same time, provides a bigger amount of time between the election and any ensuing run-off. So now instead of having a run-off three weeks later, the run-off is 60 days later."

There are a few things you should know before applying.

"For most of the offices coming up, and when I say most, specifically mayor, commission and board of education, the requirements are basically the same. You have to live in the state of Georgia for two years. You have to live in Richmond County for two years and you have to live in the district, if it's a district seat, for one year," Bailey added.

The fees for applying vary, as well. For example, to run for Augusta Commission it will cost $360. To run for a board of education seat, it will cost $100. To run for mayor of the city of Augusta, there is a fee of $1950.

Important Dates to Remember:

Mar 3 - Candidates can begin applying to run for offices at the Richmond Co. Elections Office

Mar 7 - Last day for candidates to apply. (No applications will be excepted after 12 p.m.)

April 21 - Last day to register to vote in Richmond Co. for May elections

May 20 - Primary elections

Aug 5 - Primary run-offs

Oct 13 - Early voting for general elections begins

Oct 31 - Early voting for general elections end

Nov 4 - General elections

Jan 6 - General elections run-offs

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