CSRA activists oppose 'religious freedom' bill

CSRA activists oppose 'religious freedom' bill

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - LGBTQ activists are chalking up a win in the southwest, after Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the controversial religious freedom bill there - but a storm is brewing in the Peach State.

"Read the wording of this legislation," urged Lonzo Smith II, with Augusta Pride. "It is broad. It doesn't just apply to the elephant in the room, the gay folks, the lesbian people, the transgendered...it applies to more than that."

Smith is worried not only for the gay community; he said he fears the bill could also allow discrimination based on gender or race.

Atlanta-based airline Delta has come out against the Georgia House bill 1023, and said it would hurt jobs. Smith agrees.

"A smart businessman realizes that green is green," said Smith. "It does not matter who that green comes from. In 2014, we've come too far to go back now."

Supporters of this kind of legislation said it's not about discrimination, but a business owner's right to religious freedom.

"It has been extraordinarily distorted as to the whole struggle that it's been made up to be when it's not about that at all," said Arizona State Senator Steve Yarbrough.

Other opponents said the bill transcends faith.

"I feel like it's a smokescreen," said activist Amanda Harrell. "It's not about religion, it's about violating human rights."