Richmond Co. residents could see an extra monthly water bill soon

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Richmond County residents — if they haven't already — can expect to get two water bills in one month.

Utility officials said you don't need to be alarmed because it is simply an attempt to make sure your bill is reflective of the most recent month.

"We decided we need to get the billing date closer to the date we read the meter," said Tom Wiedmeier, director of Augusta Richmond County Utilities Department.

That's why if you pay Richmond County for your water and sewer service, you'll likely get an extra monthly bill between now and April.

"The due date for a bill was about 60 days after the meter was read," Wiedmeier said. "It creates problems because you can't react to consumption going up, if there's a leak or something like that. So the customers won't know that way down the road."

Which is why the Augusta Commission voted to shorten the billing cycle to 30 days last year.

Wiedmeier understands this can be a hardship, but he said they're willing to help anyone who may have trouble paying that second bill.

"We'll work with someone. If they're having a hard time because of this, we'll waive the late fees. We'll let them pay that second bill in the month in installments until they can catch back up."

Anyone who two may have trouble paying their bill, is asked to contact the Augusta Utilities Department directly at 706-842-1925.

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