New animal shelter opening despite ice storm damage

New animal shelter opening despite ice storm damage

The recent ice storm caused plenty of damage through Aiken County, including the brand new animal shelter.

"I was very concerned about the damage because there was a tree that fell onto wing C," said Bobby Arthurs.

In addition to the destruction of a roof, there was some damage to the fence in the live stock area. Arthurs, chief enforcement officer at the shelter, wasn't going to let it interfere with their move-in date.

"It's not going to slow us down or stop us from moving in,"Arthurs said. "We got the green light to go ahead in move in and we are planning on doing it this weekend."

Arthurs said with the growing number of stray animals and unwanted pets, the current shelter is over capacity and housing animals has become difficult. The new shelter is double the size of the current facility. With three wings customized to fit all the animal's needs, Arthurs said the new building is a more humane way to keep the animals.

"If there are viruses, kennel cough, parvo, or anything that could be airborne, all the animals are exposed to it in this facility versus over at the new place."

Arthurs is hoping that this facility will help them increase the adoption rate, and minimize euthanization.

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