Augusta wants Sibley Mill to house GRU student housing

Augusta wants Sibley Mill to house GRU student housing

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Augusta city officials continue to push the idea of redeveloping the historic Sibley Textile Mill, but the organization they want to use the mill isn't exactly on board just yet.

The city wants the space to be used for the campus expansion of Georgia Regents University, but the college is considering all factors before they get on board.

The Augusta Regional Collaboration - or ARC - Project says it needs $12 million dollars to reconstruct both the area around and the actual old Sibley Mill. They plan to call it the Mills District.

The organization presented the idea before commissioners Monday to be considered part of the city's next SPLOTS 7 referendum.

The organization, a partnership between public and private, would oversee the renovation of Sibley and King Mills, which combined would equal about 1 million square feet of vacant space. They are also hoping that some of the space can be used to house offices or student housing for GRU.

GRU says it will consider being part of the Mill District but hasn't made a final decision.

"The Mills District will be evaluated, which we estimate will take about 12 months to complete," the university wrote in a press release.

The school says it will "involve matching university and health system needs against all potential sites." University officials also said they look forward to working "with the City of Augusta and the ARC."

While the ARC would like for GRU to be part of the space, they say they have other options if the school doesn't opt in.

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