Evans church donates car to wounded warrior

Evans Church donates car to wounded warrior

EVANS, GA (WFXG) - The Wesley United Methodist Church in Evans has been fixing donated cars they receive and giving them to those in need for 10 years.

They presented their 316th car Friday to one soldier who was harmed in a training accident.

Several members of the congregation worked on the car so that it would be read to be handed over. They worked with the Augusta Wounded Warrior Project to present it.

"The Augusta Warrior project are people that are unbelievable," said Nelson Morales Jr., who received the car. "They're a blessing for us - especially us that are soldiers. Most of them were soldiers also, so they know the feeling and they're passionate at what they do. They won't let go of a project until they can help you."

Wesley United Methodist Church said they need more cars to donate to more people in the community. If you are interested in donating your car, you can contact the church's office with the information below.

Wesley United Methodist Church

Address: 825 N Belair Rd, Evans, GA 30809

Phone: 706-869-0888

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