Local marathon raises money for Breast Cancer awareness

Marathon supports breast cancer awareness

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Folks hit the streets early Saturday morning for a marathon against cancer.

Seven years ago Sterling Ivey's life changed when she beat breast cancer for the first time.

"At that point we thought we were good, but last year I was told that it had come back in my bones," Ivey told WFXG.

dealing with the disease the second time around, her community thought the third annual Reid on the run, a 5k marathon, should be in honor of her.

"Her family is going through a really challenging time, dealing with breast cancer. it doesn't only affect the individual, it affects the family too so today was our way to say hey, we're supporting you. she's really an inspiring woman. she always gives to others, so what a better way for us to give back to her," said Ivey's friend, Joy Weigle.

The event benefits a different charity each year, and this year Ivey wanted to help those who knows what she's going through.

"Today was in honor of me but it was for all the people fighting breast cancer," said Ivey.

"She picked the charity of choice, the university hospital breast center. What could be a better fit," said Weigle.

Ivey crossed the finish line along side Team Sterling, a group of childhood friends who've been by her side, throughout her fight with cancer.

"It's just really special to have friends that you've had for your life time, that would come back and support you for something like this. to do this and to bring people together for our church and our community, it just warms my heart. it's just awesome. its a battle that we've got from here on, but with the family support and friends that I have, we're going to be good," said Ivey.