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Black Girls Run fights obesity in GRU Marathon


Over a dozen women from across the southeast hit the pavement to fight obesity during the GRU marathon Sunday morning.
Runners filled the streets of downtown Augusta this morning and members of Black Girls Run cheered as each woman crossed the finish line.
"We wear our gear so it is easy for everyone to identify each other," said Amber Franklin.
According to the Center of Disease Control, 80% of African American women are overweight, many of them struggling with obesity. Black Girls Run is a national organization fighting to significantly lower that statistic . One of the cofounders is from the CSRA.
"It's a great group. If you feel like you can't do it, we support each other. We push each other," said Latoya Riles.
Franklin, a local Black Girls Run member, said running with people who knows what she's going through helps keep her motivated.
"It has turned into a support group because a lot of times we meet one another, we have similar life experiences, we can understand each other setbacks physically, and we can motivate each other like hey, lets get back out there. I'm here to support you," said Franklin.
Riles ran her first half marathon today. She said it's a great feeling to be a part of something that's helping women from across the country commit to a healthier lifestyle.
"We are out there to enjoy the pavement and it makes you feel great. No one is going to be the same size, no one is going to be the same weight, but that doesn't matter. We are trying to get healthy," Riles told WFXG.
Overwhelmed by the support she received from the group, Riles couldn't think of a better birthday present.
"I really want to cry, because it's my birthday and also that everybody really came out to support one another. Even though it costs money, sometimes the money isn't even the factor, it's the point that we can encourage everybody," Riles said.
Encouragement that's changing lives, one race at a time.

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