Corey Smith plays concert in Augusta

Corey Smith comes to Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - After being on tour for months, Corey Smith is glad to get back to his roots.

"It's good to be back down in the south, good to be back close to home," Smith says.

The Georgia native is ready to perform for his fans tonight right here at home at the Country Club Bar and Saloon.

"Playing in a smaller club especially a cool honky tonk like this one is really laid back and relaxed and you know you feel like you're a part of the crowd," he says.

Event promoter Steve Hall says having a big name perform close to home is a treat for the fans.

"I'm very well aware of what Corey means not just to Georgia, but all across the south," Hall says.

After touring the country and seeing a lot of snow, the warm weather is always good to see.

"We traveled from California to New England up to Chicago and Detroit, been through a lot of snow and cold weather," Smith says.

The concert sold out quickly, and Hall says it's because of fans' love for the music.

"I've seen how passionate his fans are and how much they love him and his music and I know a home state show on a Saturday night, I really thought it would be a home run and here we are. Sometimes you get lucky," he says.

And Corey is just ready to get out on stage.

"I think it'll be a good time, these are fun."

The sold out event started at 9 p.m. and Smith was expected to play a full two hours of his songs.

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