Resource officer finds drugs, weapons in student's car

Weapons, drugs found on Aiken High's campus

A student at Aiken High School is facing charges after a resource officer found pills and bullets in his car, according to an Aiken Department of Public Safety incident report.

"You can't have those types of items on school property," said Captain Aryan Burgess with the Aiken Department of Public Safety. "Anything that can cause harm to somebody such as a folding knife or brass knuckles, those sorts of things are considered weapons."

According to officers, they found plenty of it in 17-year-old Benjamin Riley's truck.

A school resource officer was patrolling the student parking lot, when he saw a blade in the cup holder of a truck. With the student's permission he searched the vehicle, and that's when he found the rest of the contraband. Prior to his search, the officer asked Riley if he had any other weapons other than the knife. Riley replied, "Maybe some ammunition."

The resource officer recovered 21 shotgun shells, 12 rifle bullets, two folding blade knives, two multi tools, one blade knife in a sheath, one set of brass knuckles, one razor blade, 10 cigarettes, five white pills and 10 yellow pills that were identified as Hydrocodon.

Captain Burgess said students often forget that they have these items in their car, but regardless of whether its intentional or not, it's illegal to have them on school property.
"They do need to be aware and not have these types of items in their vehicle when they come on school property because it is in violation of school policy as well as in violation of the law," Burgess said.
School officials and public safety officers said they don't know why Wade had the contraband in his car. He was taken into custody and is being charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Aiken County School District declined to comment on the discipline actions Riley will be facing, but they did say that possession of a controlled substance on campus is grounds for expulsion. Click here for the Aiken County School District's Code of Conduct.

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