Scammers target grocery store, say they're Georgia Power

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Scammers targeted Goshen Grocery pretending to be Georgia Power. A woman's voice told the owner he had an hour to send a partial payment February 19th, otherwise the power would be cut off.

They weren't ready to talk to our cameras, but told us the caller said their payment was late and they'd take a partial payment through money gram to stop the lights from turning off.

We asked Georgia Power what their policy is on calling customers.

Georgia Power representative Amy Fink said, "There will always be an automated message before if we're calling."

The victim reported it to the Richmond County Sheriff's Office. The scammers transferred him to another person in on the scam and that person tried to get checking information, but the victim eventually hung up.

People we talked to out in the community say they're not sure what they'd do if it was them.

One anonymous woman said, "I would find out what they're talking about and I would listen to them. I'm sure I would be able to tell."

Georgia Power said, if you are contacted and feel it's a scam, hang up and call their 24 hour customer service line at 888-660-5890.