Golden Harvest Food Bank gets a hand giving back

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Georgia Power helped stock shelves and freezers Wednesday. They donated nearly 35 thousand pounds of food to Golden Harvest Food Bank, who gave it to those in need.

Gary Cobb, director of The Broken Shackle Ranch, an agency that helps struggling young boys get back on their feet, picked up 16 hundred pounds of food.

He said many families come to them for help, especially during times like these.

Cobb said, "There was one lady who had just bought a lot of food. She lost her whole freezer and she just got a credit card so she could buy that."

Golden Harvest said, they reached out to agencies like his. They served nine counties in the region and 10 agencies hit hard by the ice, all with help from Georgia Power.

Director Travis McNeal said, "We've had a generous donation of about 35 thousand pounds of food this week and we're getting the food out."