Comcast fixes service after calls from WFXG

Comcast fixes service after calls from WFXG

A viewer contacted WFXG asking why her Comcast services were still out after last week's devastating ice storm.

"It's 2014," said Markie Nixon. "You shouldn't have to wait eight days to have cable, and Internet, and phone, and burglar alarm. You just shouldn't have to do that."

She is downright fuming and said her Comcast service has been down for days, well after her power was turned back on and a power pole near her house replaced.

Her Comcast line lays draped across her driveway off Stevens Creek Road, disconnected from the pole.

"I've wasted so many cell minutes on my phone," Nixon sobbed. "And I can't get anywhere!"

Nixon said the estimated resolution date keeps getting pushed back, and said she's getting the run around from local crews.

She decided to write on a hand-made sign, begging the cable giant to restore her service.

"This is major," said Nixon. "They should have been equipped. They knew it was coming. And it's just not acceptable."

We reached out to Comcast media relations, and they were shocked to hear Nixon still had no service, while her neighbors did.

A representative promised to send someone immediately to begin repair work.

Nixon confirmed to us local crews were at her house 12 minutes after WFXG made a call to Comcast.

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