FEMA inspects Richmond County

FEMA inspects Richmond County

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Richmond County resident Jack Porter says this storm was the worst he's seen in his time Augusta.

"It was really terrifying," Porter said.

Porter heard a crack from his living room, ran to his backyard, and couldn't believe what happened next.

"We opened the door and looked and watched a limb that was way up in the tree fall down and hit our utility shed," he said.

This is the kind of damage FEMA will be inspecting.

Mie Lucas, disaster preparedness coordinator for the Richmond County EMA, says crews have been here since last week inspecting.

"They're here assessing the damage we had from the ice storm last week determining if we'll be eligible for financial aid," Lucas said.

FEMA determines the debris cost by how many cubic meters are removed.

And Lucas says FEMA is seeing the areas that were the most damaged by the storm.

"They're actually riding around in the county with people who live here, some of our engineering department and our fire department," she said. "They kind of take them to the areas that are the hardest hit." 

And Porter says cleanup has been the hardest part of the aftermath.

"Cleanup has been and it's going to be ongoing. I did what I could do with getting the big stuff out on the street," he said.

But the community came together during and after the storm to help with some of the damage.

"We have good neighbors and we shared our homes, we shared our food we shared our heat with each other," Porter said.

"The community was helping each other," Lucas said. "It wasn't just the county doing what needs to be done people got out and helped the people around them."

And in the mean time, Porter says he's playing the waiting game.

"We're just trying to be careful and take it one day at a time," he said.

FEMA will not make any decisions on whether or not Augusta will receive federal aid until they're done with their inspections this week.

Lucas said anyone who is cleaning up debris on their own needs to have it out to the curb by Monday.

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