Burke Co. residents are still without power

Burke Co. residents are still without power

Waynesboro residents said they have been without power for nearly a week and are not confident anyone is listening.

"Today is day 6," said Heather Menard, who lives in Burke County. "We've been straight without power since then."

Menard said she doesn't exactly know when the power is coming back on.

"They're not giving us any kind of time frame at all," Menard said. "I understand that Georgia Power is giving people a grid that they could look at to get an ETS. We're not getting that. Somebody got told a week, somebody got told a couple of days."

In fact, Menard said Planters Electric Member Corporation is more than likely unaware of the dangerous power lines that have fallen near her home.

"No body has even been out her to look at it," said Menard. "How can they tell us a time frame?"

So we tried calling and we went to their Waynesboro office but no answer.

While Menard is still powerless she says she is thankful for friends.

"The little bit that I suck up my data on my phone, to reach out on Facebook, or my daughter has been posting for me, friends have been coming forward and offering up their showers."

It appears to be a waiting game at this point but WFXG will be sure to stay on top of this story.

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