North Augusta still cleaning up after storm

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WFXG) - Hammond Hills neighborhood in North Augusta is digging out after the storm.

Rhonwyn Fulcher said she was trapped in her house for days after a power line fell down in her driveway.

Fulcher said, "A neighbor helped us pick up a cable with a big tree limb. One guy stood on the cables on the ground so I could backup the truck. We had to wait this long because we didn't know if the lines were alive or dead."

Fulcher said, she called SCE&G first for help, but didn't get any answers.

Fulcher said, "I saw an SCE&G van and I hollered at him. I asked for help and he kept driving."

We talked to SCE&G, who said nearly three thousand were still without power as of 7P.M. Monday. But they said they're working overtime trying to change it.

Eric Boomhower, SCE&G Spokesmen said, "We ended up getting 90-95 percent of our customers back on by the end of the day Monday, but we aren't going to stop until we get everyone back on."

Neighbors like Christine Tutt said the power went back on for her Saturday.

Tutt said, "I think everyone just needs to be patient. You say," how can she say that, she's got it [power] "but they're working very hard."

Boomerhower says if you need to report a down power line, call 888-333-4465.