What Augusta learned from the ice storm

What Augusta learned from the ice storm

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Erin Gilstrap was out enjoying the spring weather Monday, but is still in shock over how the ice storm affected the CSRA last week.

"I think it was really disturbing to see how much it crippled Augusta," she said.

Gilstrap was one of the thousands of people who lost power during the storm.

"We were only out for about 14 hours," Gilstrap said.

And her neighborhood is now covered in tree limbs.

"The whole neighborhood is filled with a bunch of fallen trees," she says.

Mayor Pro-Tem Corey Johnson says the biggest lesson learned from the storm is to always be prepared.

"It taught us to prepare for storms like this," he said. "Augusta's not used to witnessing or being a recipient of any real ice concerns such as we had last week."

Johnson says if the area sees ice again, he would like to see a bigger focus on the roads.

"When you're not a city or state that's normally hit with storms such as this you don't have the equipment but I think in the future we need to focus on having a little bit more equipment and resources," Johnson said.

And the thing that shocked the city the most was the power outages.

"That was something that kind of took everybody by surprise," Johnson said.

"I didn't hugely expect to go out of power," Gilstrap said. "I didn't realize it was going to be that bad."

And in case this happens again, Gilstrap says she'll find a way to get power.

"Making sure that I have some sort of backup electricity or source of cooking," she said.

Johnson also said he would like to see the EMA have more equipment so they can better handle amount of calls they received during storms like the one the CSRA had last week.

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