How to get rid of yard debris from the ice storm

How to get rid of yard debris from the ice storm

The recent ice storm left limbs and trees scattered in many yards across the CSRA, and now residents are trying to clean up the mess.

Here are some guidelines from county and city officials in the area on how to dispose of your debris:

Columbia County

Columbia County is asking residents to have their debris placed on the curb by Wednesday.

The county contractor will begin the process of picking up this debris on Wednesday. No specific routes are scheduled, county officials said, so residents should have it out and ready by Wednesday so that it gets picked up when they come.

Due to the massive amounts of debris throughout the county, we are looking at a timetable of up to 45 days to pick up all of the debris.

  • Only trees and limbs will be picked up.
  • Do not place debris in ditches or on sidewalk.
  • Do not park vehicles in front of the debris pile during daytime hours.
  • Do not place any of the debris in bags. Just place it by your curb as is.
  • Make sure limbs placed for pickup do not exceed 10 feet in length.

Richmond County

Augusta Richmond County is asking residents to place trees and limbs by the curb by Feb. 24.

  • Limbs should not exceed 10 feet.
  • Residents should place debris where they normally place their trash.
  • Debris in plastic bags will not be collected.
  • The piles should not be blocked by vehicles or placed in the roadways or ditches.

Solid waste collection will be on its normal schedule and will be picking up small piles of storm debris, trash and recyclables. Contract crews working with environmental services and the engineering department will be working to remove large piles of debris, trees and branches.

The county will be collecting debris from the curb for the next 30 days. It may not all be taken at once, but crews will come back.

Aiken County

All yard waste should be taken to the Barden Landfill located at 411 Connector Road in Graniteville, S.C.

Residents who are not able to get debris to the landfill should place it safely off the roadway for future pickup. But county officials say it could take a "considerable" amount of time before it's picked up. 

Household waste should be taken to your nearest County Waste Disposal Convenience Center.

City of Aiken

Residents who live in the city limits can dump their yard debris in the field area at Pine Log Road and South Centennial Avenue. Residents can enter the field off of South Centennial Avenue.

Yard debris can be placed by the road as usual, and will be collected when yard debris pickup is restored. Do not block fire hydrants, electrical boxes/lines, or other structures which would make it unsafe for the workers to collect the debris.

If you are unable to cut the debris to the required length, the Public Services Department will assist you once they are at your residence to collect the yard debris.

City of Hephzibah

Residents have three options for disposing of storm debris (vegetation only):

  • If you have sufficient land and feel comfortable doing so, you can burn the debris in a small pile, adding a little debris at a time.
  • You can also haul your debris to a temporary disposal site behind the old KFC and Dollar General on Highway 88. Place your debris on top of the other debris already there.
  • You can also place the storm debris on the curb in front of your property and a city crew will remove it. If you choose this option, have your debris on the curb by Tuesday, Feb. 24.

No household garbage, metal or tires are allowed for any of these options.

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