Winter storm gives some businesses a boost

Winter storm gives some businesses a boost

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The winter weather hasn't slowed down the workers at Harry's Equipment Center as chainsaws and tolls can be heard throughout the store.

Owner Jeff McGahee says they've been busy since the store re-opened Thursday.

"I mean it's been nonstop," McGahee says.

The need for chainsaws is what has brought a large increase in customers.

"Somehow the word's getting out that we have stuff and that we're able to take care of them, so we've probably seen a 50% increase on customers," he says.

And down the road at Wild Wing Cafe, staff members say business was booming during the storm Thursday night as cars packed the parking lot.

Manager Daniel Scholer says there was an hour and a half wait for a table.

"There was a line out the door, people you know busting down the doors trying to get in," he says.

Wild Wing was one of the few places open during the storm. Server and manger John Weeks said they were able to give people what they needed most.

"They were glad they were out having a hot meal," he says.

And Scholer says they turned to social media to let the public know they were open for business.

"We put it on Facebook and we put it on our sign out front and people were just driving up and down Washington road trying to find a place with lights on and they just came in," Scholer says.

All the businesses agree that a team effort is what kept them going through the craziness.

"We've all teamed up and got it done I don't think we could've done it any better," McGahee says.

"Our staff really pulled together, the ones that came up and helped out and you know you do the best you can in a hard time," says Scholer.

And Weeks agrees that they got the job done, even with a smaller staff.

"We were very short staffed but we did it very well we handled it very well," he says.

Most businesses are now back open after the storm thanks to hard working power crews getting the electricity turned back on.

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