Power being restored to CSRA

Power being restored to CSRA

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Ida Young and her family lost power Wednesday night, and hope today is when the lights come back on.

"We had to get lots and lots of blankets," she says.

But with Ida's mother on an oxygen tank, she hoped the power would be restored on Flowing Wells Road fast.  

"My mom, she's on oxygen, and the ER has called her to see you know, do we need to come pick you up," Young says.

Luckily she had portable oxygen tanks to hold her over.  Ida said they called the power company every day to see how long they would have to wait.

An estimated 27,000 people are still without power but the number is dropping quickly.

Georgia Power Regional Vice President Truitt Evenson says crews are working around the clock to get the power back on.

"We're gonna work late into the night tonight to see just how many people we can actually restore power to," he says.

Evenson says an ice storm is the worst kind of storm for power companies, because work can easily be undone.

It just continues to fall. We'll work during the day, as temperatures drop during the night the lines that we repaired that day may actually fall again over night," he says.

Ida is grateful for power to come back on, but she wishes she didn't have to wait this long.

 "I would have liked to have seen it come back on quicker, but they can only do the best they can and I just pray and hope that you know everything works out okay," she says.

And as crews work around the clock, Ida's prayers may be answered soon.

Georgia Power hopes to have 95% of the power back by midnight tonight, and for updates check the Georgia Power website.

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