Governor Haley visits Aiken to see storm damage

Governor Haley visits Aiken to see storm damage

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - In Aiken, residents are just trying to clean up their yards. Tree limbs are down, power is still out, and Governor Nikki Haley says it's all about trying to keep residents safe.

"It still is safety first, it is still about lives and making sure we're taking care of people," Governor Haley said in a press conference this afternoon.

She spent the morning driving around Aiken to see just how bad the winter storm hit the area.

"It's devastating. What we are seeing here is worse than I think we would see with a hurricane," she said.

With 51,000 residents in Aiken alone without power, people are starting to wonder how long it will be before the lights come back on.

Aiken resident Jaime Rabon says it feels like it's been a long time.

"We're playing the waiting game," Rabon says.

Rabon and her family have been without power since Wednesday.  She says she knows crews are out working on the lines, but feels like there can be a bigger effort to get the power back on.

"I just don't see it, the more action," Rabon said. "The power has to come back soon we should've been prepared for this and I don't think we were."

Governor Haley says her team is taking this storm as a lesson for situations like this in the future.

"We're going to take this and say, 'Okay, knowing this went well, what else could we have done?,'" Haley says.

But the residents of Aiken don't just want  a promise, they want action to be taken.

"Show us what you're going to do," Rabon said. "Don't tell us. Just show us what's going to happen." 

SCE&G says they hope to have power restored to the areas by Monday. 

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