Child dies, parents injured in Jenkins Co. fire

(Source: Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner)
(Source: Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner)

JENKINS COUNTY, GA (WFXG) - Andy Dudley said, "I got a phone call around 5:47 in the morning. My sister in law was screaming that the house was on fire."

Dudley's nephew Robert Dudley and his family were inside. Robert and his seven-year-old son Dalton got out. But Robert's wife Nicolette and five-year-old daughter Gracie were still inside.

Andy said, "We tried to get in, but the smoke was so bad, we took a chain saw and cut a hole through the wall to get in through a back room."

15 minutes later, he said they found Nicolette and got her out, but Gracie was still missing.

Andy said, "Finally they came out with her. They said she had a pulse, but I never saw it. They pronounced her dead before they got to the hospital."

Officials think a candle in the bathroom started the fire. The power had been out since Tuesday. State Fire Marshals are investigating.

Jenkins County Sheriff Robert Oglesby said, "It hasn't been determined fully yet, but there's thoughts of a candle being lit. We do know there was no power in the house and they were running power off a generator outside."

Andy said, "They had an electric heater, but the fire was away from that, it was more in the bathroom."

Officials said, as of 3P.M. Friday, Nicolette was in stable condition at Doctor's hospital. Robert was treated for a burn on the head and smoke inhalation. He was back home hours after the fire.

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