EMA expects road conditions to deteriorate overnight

EMA expects road conditions to deteriorate overnight

The winter storm has been pounding the CSRA throughout the day, causing power outages, fallen trees, shutting down roads, and iced-over roads.

"More trees, more limbs, more power outages," said Richmond County Traffic Engineer Steve Cassell. "The ice is going to continue to accumulate on the power lines, so its probably going to get more widespread as we go."

Richmond County Disaster Preparedness Coordinator Mie Lucas said the roads are very dangerous.

"Travel is not recommended because the roads are in such bad condition," Lucas said. "And they are going to continue to deteriorate because the ice that's accumulating."

While the freezing rain and sleet swept across the CSRA, Ben Parker took a chance on the road, but he says he's not staying out long.

"I'm going to get off the road as soon as I can," Parker said. "I'm about to go eat breakfast, go to work for a little while and get home." 

Through the next day and a half, officials are advising people to stay off of the roads. Temperatures are expected to drop below freezing, and the slush that's on the road now is going to be ice.

"People really need to consider the importance and prioritize whether or not you really need to be out on the road," Cassell said. "They are going to freeze eventually. It's going to get more treacherous." 

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