Fallen tree limbs cause power line sparks

Fallen tree limbs cause power line sparks

Jackson Scott and his family woke up to a surprising call form his grandfather.

"He said that the limb fell on the power line and there was sparks and to call the fire," Jackson says.

Tree limbs in their front yard had fallen on a power line and sparked some flames.

The fire department arrived and told the family to keep away from the danger.

"They told us not to go outside in case a limb broke," says Jackson's father, Joe.

Luckily nobody was hurt, but it'll take time to clean up the damage.

"It'll take a couple of days I think before everybody gets back to normal and moving on the roads and they can start cleaning up everything," Joe says.

The Scott's have a warning for everyone in this icy weather so the same thing doesn't happen to them.

"Stay indoors and be careful out there," Jackson says.

"The limbs can break anytime we didn't even notice this limb and it broke. And as you can see we've got one still that's hanging so it's gonna fall anytime," Joe says.

And the Scott's will be spending their snow day in front of a nice warm fire.

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