Flights being canceled because of wintry weather

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Conditions continue to get worse and getting out of Augusta by plane will be extremely difficult.

While flights are canceled, the airport is still open and up and running. Airport officials said they have all the necessary equipment to make sure the runways stay clear.

That includes mechanical brooms they keep on hand and maintenance crews are also on stand-by. If there is snow, staff will work diligently to clear the runways in case a plane has to land but officials also say if ice proves to be a bigger problem, more flights will be canceled.
"If we have a hard freeze and the runway freezes over, there's not much we can do about that," said Diane Johnston of the Augusta Regional Airport. "The airlines monitor the weather and there's known icing conditions that can be dangerous to aircraft, so they don't fly into that kind of situation. If we have our runway frozen over that means there's icing and the airlines aren't going to be flying anyway."

All departures and arrivals have been canceled for Wednesday and Augusta Public transit system has canceled all bus routes. Amtrak has also canceled routes that would pass through Augusta.

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