Army executive visits Fort Gordon

Army executive visits Fort Gordon

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - Secretary of the Army John McHugh visited Fort Gordon Monday, briefing the media about growth on post.

"Clearly, the challenges that Fort Gordon are facing are in large measure different that the issues other bases are facing," said McHugh.

And those challenges brought him right here to Fort Gordon as the post continues to grow.

The Secretary answered soldier's questions and addressed concerns about the future.

"This is a place of growth," said McHugh. "Unlike some other facilities that are dealing with coming down right now to an extent."

One big focus: Army Cyber Command.

"We're going to be spending some money here, in an ever tightening budget, to build out, to modernize, and rehab other facilities," said McHugh.

And with that build out will come a lot of soldiers, and a lot of their families.

"You'll see 4000 to 5000 new military folks and civilians coming in here," said McHugh. "And another 5000 or so of their family members coming along with them, so a period of growth and expansion."

McHugh said Fort Gordon truly reflects what is to come for the US armed forces.

"New missions. New people. New challenges. And it truly is a place that reflects the very important part of the Army and the United States Army's future."