Female Veterans get a day of pampering

Vets get pampered for a day

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - February 14th is around the corner and some veterans in the CSRA were treated to an early Valentines Day gift full of rest and relaxation, free of charge.

Some women who've fought in war zones spoke to our Traci Washington. They said in a male-dominated military, sometimes they feel like they're often overlooked, so Sunday was dedicated to pampering just the female veterans in the CSRA.

"Being in the military has shown me there are gaps that need to be filled," Kari Betrand told WFXG.

Bertrand, Deputy Commander of the Women's Veteran Club of the CSRA,  served in the Gulf War and she says that female veterans are often overlooked and forgotten.

"we need to know that we're loved and appreciated and that our service mattered. Our service matters."

So the women's veteran club dedicated an entire day to offering women who served in the military free facials, pedicures, manicures, and massages.

"I can relate to all these ladies. I've been through what most of them have been through," said Watha Austin-Hooper.

According to Austin-Hooper, commander of the organization, the Peach State is home to 106 thousand female veterans, and 98% of them live in the CSRA - she says there was a crucial need for a system that's dedicated to just women who've served in the armed forces.

"She men have the VFW the American legion. They have all these other organizations and females, we can join those organizations as members but we don't have our own. We didn't have our own voice," Austin-Hooper.

Today, that voice is a little louder as the Women's veterans club works to reach all military women in the community and through pampering, letting them know that their service and dedication to our country is appreciated.

"Now we can stand up in the CSRA and we as woman have our own place, we have our own platform now, and I love that," said Austin-Hooper.

You can contact the Women's Veterans Club of the CSRA by clicking here.