Wintry mix headed for CSRA

Wintry mix headed for CSRA

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Michelle Bauer and her family took advantage of the sunny skies to get outside and enjoy the weather before more snow heads our way.

"That's one of the benefits of living in Georgia  is these surprise spring days in the middle of winter," she says.

Pam Tucker of the Columbia County EMA says we could see snow and a wintry mix Tuesday night into Wednesday.

Bauer is confident that people are better prepared this time around.

"I think the second time around everybody's a little bit more confident driving and that kind of thing in the snow so I think we'll do better," she says.

Right now the EMA is monitoring the weather, and predictions show at least two inches of snow and even some freezing rain on the way.

Bauer says her kids love the snow, but sunny days are always a fun time.

"They love to go out for about 15 minutes and build a snowman or do something but then they want it warm so they can ride their bikes and that kind of thing," she says.

As for grocery shopping, Bauer says that's something she'll be sure to do before it gets crowded.

"We're going to stock up on bananas this time. That was the thing last time we couldn't get at the store I guess everyone was home  making banana bread or something," she says with a laugh.

Columbia County EMA says they're prepared with trucks and equipment from the last time the area had snow two weeks ago.

We will continue to give you updates as we hear more about the winter storm.

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