Art museum hosts Black History Month Celebration

Art museum hosts Black History Month Celebration

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Dr. Oral Moses has been singing as long as he can remember.

"I started singing as a young boy  in my church choir of about ten or eleven years old," he says.

His passion and love of gospel music is what brought him to the Morris Museum of Art to celebrate Black History Month.

"There's always the urgency to tell somebody about the history of American music," Dr. Moses says.

The day-long event featured performances from jazz groups and theatre companies as well.

Assistant Curator of Education Matt Porter says it's all about variety.

"We wanted to celebrate African American art and culture, so instead of just focusing on visual art we decided to host a number of programs throughout the day," Porter says.

The free events brought crowds of all ages to showcase the talent of Augusta.

"It allows us the chance to communicate with the entirety of our community and share with them some of the treasures that we have," Porter says.

Dr. Moses says he is always excited to come to events like this to share music with the public.

"This is not just the music of African Americans, it is American music. So I'm always eager and excited to just get out and talk about just one more genre of American music that I know is really exciting," he says.

With a song in his heart, Dr. Moses hopes every person today leaves his presentation with a desire to listen to spiritual music.

He will be back in Augusta to perform again next weekend at the St. Augustan's Episcopal Church at 4 p.m.

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