Gander Mountain outdoor store coming to Columbia Co.

Gander Mountain outdoor store coming to Columbia Co.

Gander Mountain, an hunting, fishing and outdoor store, is coming to Columbia County this year, Commissioner Ron Cross announced Friday afternoon.

"I think this would be the initiative to bring many other stores and retailers to this fine property here that is so close and convenient to I-20," said Cross.

It was an exciting announcement for Columbia County shoppers as county leaders announced that Gander Mountain Outdoor Sports store is coming to Mason McKnight Parkway, in the same vacant lot that Bass Pro shops committed to in 2013 and pulled out.

"It's been such a delight to deal with a company that knows what they want, says what they're going to do, and follows through and does it," Cross said during the press conference.

Officials say it's the perfect situation. The store will be located right off of I-20 and taxpayers aren't footing the bill. The county is only paying for the relocation of a sewer line.

The 52,000 square feet store will offer a variety of sports and outdoor equipment along with a firearm selection and shooting range.

"This opportunity will help develop this site and future development across the county," said Robbie Bennett.

Bennett, executive director of development authority says not only will this increase revenue and bring shoppers to the area, other retailers and business will follow suit.

"The environment it creates by having this retailer here will be phenomenal," Bennett said.

The store will be located on Mason McKnight Jr. Parkway near the intersection of Flowing Wells Road and I-20, and is expected to open in the fall.

Bass Pro Shops previously had plans to open a location in the same area, but canceled those plans in October. Company officials told Columbia County they didn't think the CSRA could support a Bass Pro Shops and a Cabela's, which are both outdoor mega stores.

Cabela's is set to open next month in Richmond County.

Gander Mountain has three other Georgia locations.

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