Authorities respond to video of student fight

Authorities respond to video of student fight

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A video of a violent fight at a local school has gone viral, and now we're searching for answers.

We first saw this video on Facebook, with many shares and comments and we took it straight to the Chief of Police for Richmond County Board of Education, who confirmed the fight happened.

"We're talking about ways to be proactive, to minimize these types of disturbances because they take away from the learning process," said Alfonzo Williams, Richmond County Board of Education Chief of Police.

Disturbances like a fight at Glenn Hills High School, caught on cell phone video, that shows two students fighting during class.

"We believe that the female student involved in the altercation went up to the classroom of the victim and started a verbal altercation," Williams said.

The altercation quickly turned violent as the two students began hitting each other, even throwing classroom tools found in the room.

"I don't know how long they have had this disagreement but they fought nonetheless," said Williams.

A board of education officer was able to break up the fight but the question remains: what happens to the students?

"From an administrative standpoint the school is doing their part of that and we're holding them criminally responsible in that they're being charged for fighting and disrupting public schools," said Williams.

There is much more to the video but it was just too graphic to share.

Those students have been expelled from school for nearly two weeks and will also go before juvenile court for additional disciplinary actions.

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