Update in ATM theft case, deputies think it's connected to two others

Update in ATM burglaries

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Richmond County Sheriff's Office released surveillance video Wednesday of a stolen truck, ripping through a Manna Mart January 30th.

Four days before, someone stole another truck from a house on 1830 Heather's Way, smashed it into a CITGO station on Mike Padgett highway, then ran into the Rack and Grill restaurant. Deputies said, the power went out in half of the surveillance video when the truck slammed into the front of the store.

Sgt. Michael McDaniel said, "Because the force was so great when it entered, it damaged the breaker box and the power went off. We do think all three burglaries are related, meaning we think they're the same people and they're the using the same methods."

He said, they're looking for two or three people and need your help tracking them down.

Fox 54 spoke to the owner of Rack and Grill just a week ago. He told us the damage could cost 30 to 60 thousand dollars.

Rack and Grill owner Chris Kuneman said, "They backed into it six times, then went inside, tried to steal an ATM, and tried to break it lose. They left with nothing but a broken truck."

Police recovered the stolen ATM from Manna Mart at the rear of Tobacco Road Elementary School last week.