Infrastructure changes coming around Fort Gordon

Infrastructure changes coming around Fort Gordon

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - Changes could be coming to the roads, schools, and communities surrounding Fort Gordon.

"This is a big deal for the CSRA," said Thom Tuckey, Executive Director of the CSRA Alliance for Fort Gordon. "This is a big deal."

He is excited about all the changes coming to post.

"Fort Gordon growth over seven years, from 2012 to 2019, is going to be about 4000 new employees coming in," explained Tuckey.

But with all those new employees comes their families, too.

"We've got to worry about schools," said Tuckey. "This year alone, there could be 400 to 600 new children entering the school year, starting in September. That's more than normal growth they're used to."

Tuckey said it's not just education that's a concern.

He says there also needs to be a focus on getting people to and from the fort.

A special tax funding project passed in 2012 should help alleviate some concerns.

"The TSPLOST is going to contribute to that tremendously," said Tuckey. "That's going to make some improvements to roads that will affect the feeder network to get them to the installation."

Tuckey said a new gate could also ensure traffic is queuing on Fort Gordon roads, as opposed to the surrounding highways.

"If they build a new gate, what they would do is build a very large gate that may have four, five, or six entrance lanes, as well as enough stack space to move most of the traffic off of the main thoroughfares," he said.