Another scam in Richmond County targeting the elderly, victims say beware

Utility scam targeting the elderly

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Another scam targeting the elderly is getting around Richmond County. This time, it's robbers pretending to be utility workers.

Three known people are already victims of what is being called, "the utility scam."

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office said, posers pretending to be utility workers with companies like Comcast, Knology and Georgia Power are showing up at doors around the area.

Lt. Lewis Blanchard with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office said, "Basically, they try to get the home owner to come out to the yard or a vehicle and while they're doing that, a second person will burglarize some items, then leave very quickly."

Three cases they know about all happened recently, between January 27th and February 2nd. Fox 54 reached out, but none were ready to talk with our cameras.

Still, one victim told us, the scammer came to the door claiming he was laying new pipes and needed to check the water lines. He claimed the victim had seen him around before working. They told Fox 54, they insisted they hadn't. That's when the man laughed and said, "you wouldn't forget my ugly face."

Within 10 minutes, another unidentified person had gone in the house and stolen rings, gold chains, and watches. At another home, pearls and $85 in cash were taken.

Lt. Blanchard said, "If you believe it's someone not with Georgia Power or another company, go ahead and call us."

And he said don't hesitate, even if they didn't make you a victim.

Lt. Blanchard said, "That's information we need to know. If they're targeting a certain neighborhood or targeting anyone, we need to know. Try to get that tag number as they're leaving."

We reached out to Georgia Power, who told us their workers will always be happy to answer questions.

Carol Boatright, Georgia Power Spokesperson said," If the customer has any questions or is uncomfortable, call us or the call the police. The employee will always have a uniform, a photo ID and the GP logo on their vehicle somewhere."

To report a scam, call the Richmond County Sheriff's Office at 706-261-0438. To verify the uniform of a Georgia Power employee, head to their website,