Richmond County B.O.E. hosts first public hearing

Richmond County B.O.E. host first public hearing

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Parents and community leaders gathered at T.W. Josey High School Monday evening to discuss rightsizing.

"They make decisions and then they tell you about the decisions they make after they made the decisions," said Cynthia Harris a parent at the meeting.

Harris said she is angry, and in a passionate speech today, she let the Richmond County School System Board of Education know that she opposes the recent proposal to consolidate some of its schools.

"Since I've been here, I've been very disheartened in some of the things I see that goes on in Richmond County and the board," Harris said.

Harris was one parent among many who attended the first of four meetings about rightsizing.

"Bill Montgomery and his group presented some scenarios. We're going to present those scenarios to the public and then we're going to listen to their comments and we'll go back and talk about it and we'll vote on it next month," said Venus Cain, the school board's president.

Parents were given the opportunity to speak about merging Murphy Middle School and Josey High School.

"I look at everything. I look at our dwindling tax base. I look at our low numbers. I look at the fact that we have 8th grade children who are struggling to get out the 8th grade. This will give them an opportunity to come over to the high school to take classes that they don't have to take in the middle school and give them a chance to be successful," Cain said.

While Harris agrees some of the recommendations could be helpful, she doesn't believe closing schools is the solution.

"It's a hand-in-hand situation. The parents, the teachers and everyone working together for the growth of our school," said Harris.

The school board will hold two other meetings about rightsizing.

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