Burn Awareness Week underway

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Pete Schiffbauer was away in Germany when a call he won't forget came from his wife.

Schiffbauer said, "She had a pail of scalding hot water. My son crawled into the bathroom and pulled the pail of hot water on himself."

Schiffbauer's son suffered second degree burns and he was in the hospital for three days, but Doctor's Hospital said, his story isn't one of a kind. Around a thousand kids per year are treated there for burns.

Joseph M. Still Burn Center President and Medical Director Dr. Fred Mullins said, "We treat over three thousand in- patients and we have over 40 thousand outpatients visits a year. Of those visits, about a third are children."

But Dr. Mullins said, treating a burn is after the fact. There are ways to prevent it.

Dr. Mullins said, "When you're cooking, make sure handles on stoves are turned in. When you take something out of the microwave, put it on the counter out of reach."

Still, accidents happen.

Dr. Mullins said, "When the victim has clothes on and they get hot liquid poured on them, it actually keeps the heat in, so get the clothing off and treat it with cool water, not ice cold water."

Burn Awareness Week kicked off February 2nd and will continue through February 8th. For more information on how to prevent or treat a burn, head to http://www.jmsburncenters.com/.