Salvation Army kicks off auction day

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Salvation Army's first auto auction of the year kicked off Saturday morning. 63 cars, trucks, boats and even scooters were up for grabs. All the proceeds will go towards Salvation Army programs.

Melissa Smith said, "Getting a car for a lower price is always helpful, plus having a car that's a little more reliable than the cars we have would be nice."

Smith said if she could find a car for her family to buy, everyone would benefit. Her money would go towards funding, for Salvation Army programs like the Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program, their emergency shelter, even soup lines and job skills training.

Augusta Salvation Army Marketing and PR manager Beth Bargeron said, "We like to say every car represents a life that can be saved. It pays for electricity, food, even counseling."

Bargeron said vehicles were donated by members of the community who wanted to help give back.

Bargeron said, "Usually the auctions bring in, on average, 80 thousand dollars."

Every penny goes toward programs in the CSRA. This was the 10th year for the auction. Officials said it happens the first Saturday of February, June and October.