Conference brings hundreds together

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Nearly 100 people gathered at the library Friday, and many more via live stream, to witness the first ever TEDx conference in Augusta.

"It was really was kind of cool when I looked on Twitter and saw that I have a ton of comments and it was people quoting things I had said," said Leonard "Pork chop" Zimmerman, one of the presenters at the event held at the Augusta Public Library.

Zimmerman, for the first time ever, decided to share his story to many people all at once.

"I lost a partner in 2006 and have been using art as therapy," Zimmerman said.

So he started a campaign, creating a smiling robot logo to help spread a little happiness and smiles throughout the area.

"Basically what I got from the grieving and lost was that I can either be a jerk towards people or I could use that in a different direction to help people," said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman was one of 15 speakers at the TEDx Telfair Street event today in Downtown Augusta.

"You have a lot of people in our community that want to share their idea," said Grace Balengia, organizer of the event. "They want to share their message and that's part of the mantra for TED is ideas worth spreading."

The TEDx talks from today will be available online in about 2 weeks. Organizers of the event said they hope to see more TEDx events in Augusts in the future.

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