Augusta roads defrosting after rare snow event

Augusta roads defrosting after rare snow event

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The snow and ice is quickly melting away all across the CSRA, and that's a good thing for roads in Augusta.

"We had crews out last night, hitting some of the worst spots with more salt at about 3 a.m," said Steve Cassell, with Augusta Traffic Engineering "But since then, everything has been fine, smooth sailing."

The same can't be said about the past couple days, with cars stuck in a wintry mix of ice, sleet, and snow, going nowhere fast.

Cassell said he's pleased with the city's response to the rare occurrence.

"Our crews were excellent," he said. "They were out all hours of the night, and they were on time for everything. The Sheriff's Office was out closing roads that needed to be closed, or at least baby sitting it."

During the peak of the winter storm warning, Augusta EMA said dozens of roads were rendered virtually impassable. Fortunately, Cassell said incidents on the road saw no deaths of serious injuries.

"For the time it hit, and the amount of snow we got, I think we hit it dead on," said Cassell.