Family comes home to find their house engulfed in flames

Family comes home to find their house engulfed in flames

After a normal trip to the store, one family came home to see their house engulfed in flames. Everything they owned was inside. The family told WFXG's Traci Washington that the afternoon drive to the store may have saved their lives.

The fire at 4438 Boulineau Road was reported to Richmond County dispatch around 4:14 p.m. Dispatchers said the fire was fully engulfing the structure.

Less than 30 minutes after dispatch got the call about a fire on Boulineau road, you could see right through this home.

"I started thinking about how everything is gone but it doesn't matter I got my family. At least they made it out," said Mrs. Wells. 

The Wells family didn't have to make it out of the house. They weren't there when it started. Mrs. Wells said a short trip to the store may have kept her family safe.

"We left and went to the store and came back and everything was gone." 

By the time they got back, Augusta Fire and Rescue was working to put out the blaze. Now the couple and their two small children are trying to pick up the pieces. 

"If we had been there, we would have been in another room, would we have had time to get out, its just real scary," said Wells.

The fire left her shocked and devastated.

"Its shocking. Its numbing, it really is numbing and shocking because you're just glad that everybody is ok but at the same time you wonder, ok, I have to start all over again."

Most of all, she's thankful.

"Its scary. I'm just blessed that none of us were in there."

Investigators were on the scene but since the fire wasn't completely out they couldn't determine what caused it. They said they'll take another look at the home tomorrow.

If you want to help the family , email Traci Washington or contact the local Red Cross at (706) 724-8481.

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