Snow day in Columbia County

A car took a dive off the icy shoulder of Flowing Wells Road sometime overnight. On Wednesday, it was abandoned and surrounded by police tape.

Children across Columbia County taking a much more safe approach to a day off from school.

"Yeah, we're going to stay at home," said Citrus Lopez. "My friend's going to come over, her mom knows how to drive in this stuff. Yeah, we don't know how to do that."

Definitely a good idea for Lopez and her family, after what happened just across from their house.

"I came outside, played with my dog a little bit," Lopez explained. "We've been having snowball fights. Tried to sled, it's a bit hard."

Over in Harlem, a steep hill behind the high school making the wintry fun a bit easier.

"This is where we normally hang out on the afternoon on snow days," said Raven Truitt.

Because snow is such a rare sight in the CSRA, Truitt and her posse planned to be on the slope sun-up to sundown.

"This is very exciting," Truitt said. "We don't get this very often. We make the most of what we get, when we get it."

That seemed to be the common theme among people I talked to today: enjoying the snow before it all melts away.

"It's a lot of fun seeing snow, because we live in Georgia," said Lopez. "If you see snow here, you're really lucky. Because it snows everywhere else in the country except for Georgia."

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