Freezing rain in Waynesboro

WAYNESBORO, GA (WFXG) - Much of Waynesboro was covered in ice.

"One day is enough," said Curtis Martin, who owns Pineland Bakery in Waynesboro. "I'm ready for warmer weather."

There wasn't as much snow as there was in other areas in the CSRA.

"It wasn't really enough snow to make a snowman because there was too much ice in it," Martin said.

Burke County got a little bit more freezing rain than the Augusta area. That means icicles were a common sight.

In fact, these shards of ice were nearly everywhere you roamed: the gas station, electrical and power lines, mailboxes and even signs.

There was some snow.

"Five years ago we got about 3 inches," recalled Jesse Palmer. "It was a little thicker and now quite as much sleet but it'll do. It'll do for a Georgia boy."

It also did well for makeshift snow tubing.

"We tube on Clarks Hill, on the boat, so we figured this will be just as fun in the snow," Palmer said.

And the kids agree.

"It's really awesome. It's really fun," said Payton and Addie.

Much of the frozen rain will melt on Thursday when the weather reaches above freezing.

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