Businesses prepare for snow

Businesses prepare for snow

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Snow is not something we get regularly and Valerie Bush agrees.

"I'm excited about it because people here in Georgia don't get to see it often," Bush said.

Although she had to work, Bush said possible snow could be a good thing for the area.

"It's going to be amazing for kids that don't get to travel to see it and for my kids to see snow for the first time," said Bush.

Bush mans the front desk of the Microtel off Riverwatch and said her team has already began preparing for the inclement weather.

"We have our emergency tools, our flashlights," Bush began. "We are printing out multiple blank registration just in case the power goes out."

Preparations also includes placing ice-melting rock salt on the ground to prevent guests from slipping.

Microtel will be especially busy tonight because of a delayed Delta flight, packing the inn to nearly capacity. So all hands on deck.

"We're going to be here longer, we had to call in our extra workers because we were not expecting this," Bush said. "We're even having some workers stay over night."

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