Richmond Co. prepares for possible snow

Richmond Co. prepares for possible snow

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Richmond County EMA is stressing that if you can avoid driving on leaving the house on Tuesday and Wednesday, to please do so.

"Definitely stay home if you can and have your supplies ready," said Mie Lucas, Director of Richmond County EMA.

A big winter storm could possibly hit the CSRA as early as tomorrow morning.

"If you have sleet during the day and then you have snow over night, we're very concerned about icing. So we're really going to monitor that and make sure we get that information out to the public," Lucas said.

"We don't want a lot of people on the roads," Lucas continued. "Accidents occur if you're not used to driving in ice and snow. It's easy to think that you are in control of your of your vehicle and then you hit a patch of ice or you have to stop suddenly and then you're not in control."

While stocking up on supplies is a good idea, don't go rushing to buy all the milk and bread you can find.

"If you have your power go out, have food on stand-by that you can make without having to use the stove."

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