Exterior campus upgrades to begin at GRU's Health Sciences campus

Exterior campus upgrades to begin at GRU's Health Sciences campus

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Several exterior improvements to Georgia Regents University's Health Sciences campus are scheduled to begin this month.

"This is an opportunity to tie the different campuses together," says Jennifer Smith, Director of Planning, Design, and Construction at GRU.

Work to replace sidewalks along Laney Walker Boulevard will begin Jan. 29.

"We plan to install sidewalks with brick paver elements, colonial style light posts, and decorative bollards for pedestrian safety – all of which match exterior standards that exist on the Summerville campus," Smith says. "Our goal is to create a unified exterior look to all of our campuses."

In addition to sidewalk upgrades, stair towers on the outside of the old dental school – now called the Professional Building – will be demolished beginning next month. As part of that project, one lane of Laney Walker (between 15th Street and Pavilion I) will need to be closed through November.

"We are working closely with GRU Public Safety and other departments to minimize traffic issues while keeping pedestrians as safe as possible," Smith said.

The stairwell demolition is part of a larger ongoing project to repurpose the Professional Building as a future home for the Georgia Regents Health System Digestive Health Center.