Locals react after S.C. legislature approves bill allowing guns in restaurants

South Carolinians react to new bill

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WFXG) - A South Carolina bill waiting for Governor Nikki Haley's signature has some people in the state worried. The bill would allow people with concealed weapon permits to bring a gun into a restaurant or bar.

But restaurants owners we talked to in South Carolina said whether or not someone uses their conceal carry in their establishment isn't going to bother them. But some potential customers don't agree

Alice Williford said, " I don't think they should let people in bars and restaurants with guns."

Williford doesn't think it sounds safe; having a concealed weapon near her in a restaurant or a bar.

But the house voted 90 to 18 Thursday, in favor of allowing conceal carry permit owners gun in bars and restaurants.

With Governor Haley's signature, South Carolina will follow in Georgia's footsteps. In 2008, the state legislature approved firearms in restaurants and bars, as long as alcohol wasn't consumed while armed.

Farmhaus Manager Darby Carpenter said, at his Georgia business, they've never had a problem.

"We haven't had any instances where we have seen anyone with a gun who shouldn't have a gun," Carpenter said.

Still carrying a gun might not be the problem in most cases. The legislation will make it illegal to drink alcohol while concealing. Opponents we talked to say they don't think that will make any difference at all.

Williford said, "Who's to say that person isn't going to get mad at a drunk person?"

There are rules for illegally drinking and concealing a gun. Anyone caught will have their permit revoked for five years, face up to two years in a prison and a two thousand dollar fine. Businesses can also post a sign stopping weapons from entering through their doors.