Parents say they were discouraged from meeting about consolidation

Parents say they were discouraged from meeting about consolidation

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Augusta Public Library downtown is where parents were supposed to be meeting about the consolidation on Friday evening but some said the meeting was nearly empty because of a voice mail they received from the school board.

"I feel like the parents should be able to get together and talk about the situation before the actual meeting," said Sheila Miller a parent at Murphy Middle School, one of the schools that will be affected by the potential consolidation.

Miller played the voicemail she received from the school board. It said: "please note that this meeting will not be held at this time. The school system is in the process of setting up 3 public forums to discuss right-sizing and you will have an opportunity to attend those meetings."

But Monique Braswell, another parent at Murphy Middle, who organized the meeting, Friday, said she is trying to stand before the school board during those forums as a cohesive unit.

"We don't need 30 people saying the same thing," Braswell said. "We need everybody saying one thing. We want to be able to ask the relevant questions."

The original meeting Braswell scheduled was to be held at Murphy Middle School but after push back from the school board, she moved the location to library but even then, parents say the school board did not want them to assemble at unofficial meeting.

"I received a letter from the school Wednesday, saying there would be a meeting Friday a 6 p.m. but I received a phone call yesterday saying that the meeting was canceled and I received another call saying it was canceled," Miller said.

The first of 3 official meetings scheduled by the school board will be held Feb. 3. The location will soon be determined.

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